Abs With Em is an 8 week guide to training your core - the right way. No fads. No quick fixes. No shortcuts - just solid training. This 35 page eBook is a digital download, guiding you through 16 killer core workouts and 48 different exercises - each one different and more demanding than the last. It’s perfect for all ab-ilities, as there are plenty of tips & tricks in there to help scale it to your skills. What’s more, it’s been designed specifically so that you can do it anytime, anywhere with just a few simple pieces of kit.

The entire plan is co-authored with Jack Lenton, coach, scientist, specialist and all round know-it-all when it comes to physical and nutritional health. We’ve packed in more than just workouts, giving you the motivation when it comes to mindset, as well as the science behind the structure with details on frequency, tempo and progression. This plan is designed to give you tools that empower you, rather than rules that restrict you. Helping you to be the healthiest, happiest, strongest version of you - whatever that looks like.


  • 8 Week Ab focused eBook training plan

  • 2 workouts a week

  • 16 killer core workouts

  • 48 different exercises

  • Up-front science, mindset & motivation

  • Scalable to all skills & ab-ilities

  • Do it anytime, anywhere with minimal equipment (home or gym)

  • Access to Private YouTube Videos of myself & Jack performing each & every exercise


The only equipment you’ll need is an Ab Wheel, most gym’s have one and you can pick one up for very little on Amazon! You’ll also need some light weights to add some resistance (or some heavy books at home) and something to ‘hold onto’ like a banister or heavy weight/squat rack if you’re in the gym.